About us

Ospatti is an organization with the ability to support your specific needs in Quality Engineering and Compliance. Ospatti’s network and resources are deployed for real-time collaboration with our on-site professionals to assure the engagement’s success.

Our team of professionals delivers solutions –  not reports. We are proud to define ourselves as doers and develop QMS in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that the system developed by us will fit your needs and requirements. Ospatti creates solutions based on tools, knowledge, and behavior aligned with our core values:



Ospatti was initially founded in Massachusetts in 2012, where it served the aerospace and medical device companies, primarily with auditing and quality management system assessments.

After a few years, in July 2017 the company was reestablished in Sønderborg. Ospatti aims to apply experience and knowledge in QMS with local companies to increase their revenue, reduce costs and simplify work. Moreover, we help companies from Southern Denmark to compete in the international markets by bringing structure while assisting in ISO certification.

Meet the Team:

Ospatti Managing Director, Juan Carlos OspinaManaging Director:

Juan Carlos Ospina; 20 years of experience in Quality Management Systems, Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters degree in Engineering Management from Portland State University.



Martin TychsenSystem Developer:

Martin Tychsen; Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Erhvervsakademi SydVest.





Rares Ionut MocanuJunior Process Analyst:

Rares Ionut Mocanu; Bachelor of Business Administration- BBA Economics, University of Southern Denmark




René SeebachSoftware Programmer:

René Seebach; Working towards a Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences, Erhvervsakademi SydVest.






Advisory board:

1US Network and partner:

Angelo Scangas; consultant, president & CEO of Quality Support Group, more information available at LinkedIn Angelo Scangas.


2UK Network and partner:

Charles Fowler; certification consultant & director of Charter4 Solutions LTD, more information available at LinkedIn Charles Fowler.


Victoria Eugenia Ospina; associate professor, PhD in Systems Engineering, more information available at LinkedIn Victoria Eugenia Ospina.