System Audits

Ospatti supports your organization with internal audits. We look at your company’s processes with a fresh set of eyes, uncover improvement opportunities and provide solutions to reduce waste, eliminate risks and improve efficiencies. Despite being a positive tool in the management system toolkit, the internal audit might cause tension. Our audit methods and style are stress-free audits with the objective to identify weaknesses and solutions before external auditors arrive.

Management Review

We provide an independent and comprehensive assessment to assure your organization meets customer, quality, health, safety, and environmental requirements. Our ultimate objective is to assure the management review activity not only focuses on requirements but becomes an integral part of your organization’s strategic tool for sustainability and growth.

Corrective Actions

Well-executed Corrective Actions provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI) in the management system tool-box.

Failure Analysis:

We work with your team to deliver robust solutions to eliminate quality issues, to improve performance, to address organizational challenges, and to assure compliance is maintained. Disciplined failure analysis methodologies determining the root causes of problems to fully prevent recurrence problems are essential in the success of your organization.

Ospatti also supports your operation to execute flawless recalls, remedial actions, and other field corrections assuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.