QMS Implementation

To set up your company’s Quality Management System to comply with ISO standards we take 5 steps:


What your company needs to do:

  • Focus on your capabilities while Ospatti takes care of your QMS.
  • Meet compliance requirements to reach and to maintain ISO certification to access new markets.
  • Improve organizational communications and management of the information.
  • Assure companies’ improvement and growth.

You can rely on us to manage your QMS just like you trust your accountant to manage your financial reporting and compliance responsibilities.  All our QMS implementation projects start with gap assessment to determine the needs of your company.

Gap Assesment:

  • Implementation

If you are thinking of preparing an ISO Quality Management System (QMS) then where do you start? A Gap Assessment will determine what will be required for your current organization to conform to an ISO QMS standard. A Gap Analysis is used to assess an organizations scope, readiness, and its resources for building the system. It also serves as the blueprint to develop a project plan for ISO implementation.

  • Compliance

The objective of a Gap Analysis of an implemented QMS is to determine its readiness to a specific QMS standard or regulation. The Gap Analysis can be used to meet the requirements for internal audits. The Gap Analysis provides recommendations for corrective actions and improvement activities to improve efficiency. The Compliance Gap Analysis provides a road plan for implementation of the changes and improvements.

  • eQMS

The objective of an eQMS Gap Analysis is to provide a comprehensive assessment to understand current systems and develop company’s initial eQMS User Requirement Specification, research the available solutions in the market, and application analysis, recommendations and proposed project plan.

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